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Why I like working with Female Entrepreneurs MORE than Male Entrepreneurs

Women outperform men in business and usually by a significant margin. To the point where it is becoming increasingly clear to me why God created women second; He didn’t get it right the first time.

Our team has worked with over 1,500 entrepreneurs over the past 12 years. Out of my top 100 favorite partners, a majority of them are women. Why?

  1. They Focus on Details
  2. Listening to their Customers Comes Naturally
  3. They Follow Through
  4. Their Ego isn’t a Driving Factor
  5. They’re Better Leaders
  6. They Work Better with a Team

Guess what, the data backs it up.

For innovative companies, female led private companies lead to an average a 35% higher return on investment than their male counterparts.

Further research backs it up, showing women founded companies backed by VC’s utilize 1/3rd less committed capital to achieve comparable results. They also return a 34% higher return to shareholders. 

A 10 year SBA backed study between 2000-2010 found that VC firms that invest in women owned businesses performed better than men led businesses. Read it here.

According to First Round Capital’s own analysis,female leadership impacted returns by as much as 65%. I have seen this time and again. Women are better communicators and seemingly have no problem getting the best out of their employees.

Elizabeth Hu, of Business Insider, reports women generate a 0.78 return on every dollar invested vs. 0.31 for men. Ouch.

So, why do we even bother working with male led companies? There are more of them. While business start ups have increased dramatically over the past 20 years by women (prior to 1988, women apparently needed a male co-signor on any loans, what???), the majority of the increase is for solo based businesses in industries not feasible for venture backing.

Why did I write this article? In my own analysis of the companies I’ve most enjoyed being a part of helping build, I noticed a trend heavily in the favor of female entrepreneurs. Both based on the character and the results.

One of the favorite entrepreneurs I’ve worked with of all time has been an entrepreneur named Ashley Whitman, the founder of Cappy Bug, LLC (Romp & Roost). She is a true representation of a great female entrepreneur and I’ve been honored to work with her for 4 years come September. 

Read more about me and why I decided to become an entrepreneur here!

10 Tips to Reduce Burnout

Burnout is a real and extinguishing force you can face as a high performer. As a veteran entrepreneur, it's something I've dealt with a few times in my career. Here are ten ways you can dramatically reduce your chances of burnout and will help you get back to "normal" quickly if you're currently in the burnout lull.

  1. Exercise - Exercising is one of the most powerful ways to prevent and overcome burnout. The downside? You usually don't feel like doing it when you're in the burnout lull. Start by signing up for a gym membership and getting an accountability partner. Any exercise is better than none, and while a rigorous workout is best, even a 20 minute walk a day can help you beat burnout.

  2. Drink Lots of Water - Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water. If you're tired, hydration is more than likely one of the factors at play. The first thing you drink when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed should be a large glass of water.

  3. Practice Gratitude - Ideally during exercise, go through your mind about all of the things you are grateful for. Having a hard time? Start with the fact that you're alive. That you can see, feel, touch, etc. It is amazingly effective and has been shown to have tremendous psychological benefits.

  4. Socialize - The last thing you should do when you are facing or in burnout is to isolate. It's not a mentally healthy path. Socializing can boost your physical, mental, and emotional health. Restricted by your location to visit with family and friends? Pick up the phone or facetime at least once a day to build your relationships. It will boost your life and those you connect with.

  5. Practice Mindfulness - Take small breaks throughout the day to be mindful of how you are feeling. It's being fully conscious of how you are feeling mentally and physically, and not just letting the day run you. Many people use this as a form of therapy. For some, this is saying a prayer. For others, it's quietly thinking while walking.

  6. Create a Consistent Schedule - Often times when I talk to high performers who face burnout, their schedules involve late nights and inconsistent schedules. Get a schedule that consistently works for you. Create small consistencies to give your day shape and structure. It can be as simple as the first few things you do in the day such as getting coffee, reading, and exercising. It will help create a foundation for you to build from and provide consistency in the midst of chaos.

  7. Get 8 Hours of Sleep - Sleep is critical to how our bodies and minds function over the long run. Yes, there are people that can sleep only 4 hours a night. Unless you are fully optimized both mentally and physically, it's a recipe for disaster. Sleep deficiency can lead to a host of mental and physical issues in the long run.

  8. Eat Well - We put premium gasoline in our cars to help them run their best and increase longevity, yet we often settle for less than premium fuel in our bodies. Eat clean, healthy foods, and you'll see a boost in your mental and physical performance.

  9. Take Time to Rest - Working 7 days a week for 18 hour days can only last so long. Take time to rest at least one day a week. On your off day/s, try to spend time with friends and family, and doing something you thoroughly enjoy. It lets your mental tank refuel.

  10. Believe In Yourself - Work on building belief in yourself. That way, even when you face obstacles, you'll have the confidence that you'll be able to get through it. Challenges, burnout, and life events are bound to happen. How you react to it is what matters, and you have within you the power to get through it and past it.

Eric Corl is a business owner and nationally recognized entrepreneur based out of Columbus, Ohio.