A Note from Eric Corl

Note from Eric Corl

Welcome to my blog! This is a new experiment and coming as a result of typing a lot of helpful content to individuals that I’ll now share for more to benefit from.

I hope you find value in my writing – whether that be entertainment or helpful tips in your own journey of small business ownership or entrepreneurship.

If you have content suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to produce relevant and valuable content on the topic.

Here’s a picture of me, so you get an idea of who you’re reading from. Note that the grey hair IS directly related to starting lots of companies :).

Image Eric Corl Photo
Eric Corl – Grey Hair and All

3 thoughts on “A Note from Eric Corl”

  1. Thank you for staying in contact with me and im extremely excited that you were interested in my product. I believe that my product could change the cleaning industry and its so cool to know that someone who has the experience likes my idea!. Thank you. I have 2 more ideas that i have with hopes to share with someone such as yourself someday.

      1. I’m trying so hard to get in contact with you I have a business idea I know you would love there is nothing else like it …it will be the first to exist….it will make money and it will be a big help for the community it will bring in jods take the stress away it’s so good you would be interested and glad you found me

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