Learn more about Eric Corl by reading through some of his Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is Eric Corl?

Eric Corl is a Columbus, Ohio based entrepreneur who has a passion for startups and small businesses. He has been a founding member of several companies and an integral part in hundreds more. 

What companies has Eric Corl started?

– IdeaBuyer.com, owned and operated by Idea Buyer, LLC, was founded by Eric Corl in 2007.
– Oil Extraction & Enhancement Resources, also known as O.E.E.R., was founded by Corl in 2008.
Corl was a founding member of Fundable, LLC, the first crowdfunding startup platform, in 2010.

What startups has Eric Corl invested in?

The majority of Corl’s investments have been through his first company, Idea Buyer, LLC. The company began offering services to startups looking to develop CPGs for their businesses. Corl has been known to invest in a case-by-case basis.

Who do I contact about Eric’s speaking engagements?

Corl is not currently accepting speaking engagements unless they are focused on the education of students or small business owners. His speaking fee is $10,000 and 100% is paid directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Contact me via LinkedIN to inquire.

Does Corl provide mentoring to small businesses?

Eric says he is always happy to have a dialogue with aspiring entrepreneurs, however, ongoing mentorship is limited. You can contact the main line at Idea Buyer if you are interested in having my assistant setup a call for us to speak.

Why did you want to start your own business?