Robots are Here

Coffee Robot in Austin, Texas Eric Corl Traveling

Yes, that's a robotic coffee machine that will prepare any coffee you want from a Cafe Mocha to a caramel machiatto.

Robots are here and will begin changing lives than most people anticipate. Over the next ten years it will disrupt industries across the board, changing everything from coffee to lawn care.

Robot News

Over the past 7 days, there have been some large announcements on robots making their way into major supply chains.

For example, Amazon announced on their drones will begin making home deliveries "within months" here.

Boston Dynamics announced that it will soon be offering it's first commercial robot for sale, named spot. Click here to review the article with images and pictures of the robot here.

Over the past year, Honda has launched a robotic lawn mower (watch out lawn service companies) named Miimo.

Robots are here and they are going to begin changing everything.


Jobs Impacted by Robots

CNBC reported that 25% of US Jobs are at risk to automation.

Visual Capitalist created this nice chart showing jobs that are at highest risk.

VIsiual Capitalist Robot Chart Eric Corl

Worldwide work forces must develop new skills to stay ahead of the curve. Positions that require creative thinking, and interpersonal skills are harder to replace than those focused around repetitive tasks.

As robotics and automation continue to improve, even the most complex of tasks will begin being automated with AI.