The Senate Entrepreneurship Caucus

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Very happy to see the launch of the Senate Entrepreneurship Caucus by Senators Tim Scott and Amy Klobuchar. It is extremely important that there is a deliberate focus on Entrepreneurship in the Senate. I applaud the SBE Council’s efforts to keep this as a top discussion in Washington, DC and I am excited to see it yield results.

All too often – in politics – the impact of legislation on small businesses and entrepreneurs is an afterthought versus a focus.

Entrepreneurs are the economic engine that drive our economy forward. They must be supported and advocated for in Washington, DC. While there is mixed data, some studies actually show a long term trend of declining startup activity in the United States. Long term, entrepreneurship needs to remain a focus – I would argue that it is critical. Here is some interesting data and thoughts on it.

Data on the State of Entrepreneurship:
Infographic: Millennial Entrepreneurs and the State of Entrepreneurship
Kaufmann Indicators of Entrepreneurship

Economic Benefits of Entrepreneurship:

Business Formation by State – We need to encourage entrepreneurship nationwide.

We need to encourage more female entrepreneurship and support education/programs to encourage startups. Efforts are showing progress but need to be accelerated.

The Top 20 Global Cities for VC Investment:

Small Business Stats from Small Business Trends

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